A kombi camper takes your road trip to the next level. But after all the fun, you will no doubt have to spend some time cleaning it so that you can enjoy it again on your next adventure. Here’s a list of simple cleaning hacks to keep your van in tip top shape after your road trip.

Use a soft-bristle car brush or sponge to clean the exterior

The exterior of your Kombi van needs a lot of attention, so using a high-quality car brush or sponge will help to clean it properly. You can also clean it by using a microfibre cloth, along with a water hose, bucket and a ladder to reach those tricky-to-reach places. Make sure to address the mess, stubborn dirt or rain streaks using a top to bottom approach.

Clean the interiors thoroughly

We should maintain the interior of our vans the way we take care of our homes. Start off with dusting thoroughly, wiping dirty surfaces with a cloth soaked in warm, soapy water, sweeping, vacuuming and then patting out the upholstery.

Choose cleaning products wisely

Select gentle products that will be able to tackle any stains and bacteria. You can never go wrong with multi-purpose cleaners to refresh and remove odours in your Kombi camper, as well as using cleaning wipes to disinfect the surfaces. You should also consider getting fabric and upholstery cleaners to keep your seats clean.

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