What better way to explore the natural beauty of Australia than to go on a road trip in a Kombi van. There’s something nostalgic about exploring new places in a Kombi so there’s no doubt that with a classic Kombi camper, you can go around the sun-kissed country and create amazing new memories.

Of course, you’ll need to be prepared for your time on the road. With a trusty Kombi by your side and some of our best road trip tips, we guarantee that you’ll have a safe and seamless adventure that you will never forget!

VW Kombi hire for an Aussie road trip

Known for its beaches, deserts and rainforests, Australia is bursting with sights to see and stories to tell. Dive into this experience with Kombi campervans from Kombi Haus. Our Kombis can take you on a road trip in comfort and style.

Mix it up every two hours

Ironically, moving very little is actually quite exhausting on the body. That’s why it’s recommended that every two hours you stop for some fresh air, a good stretch and a walk around to get the blood circulating. Driving for extensive periods of time also takes a toll on your concentration so we also suggest changing the driver after this duration as well.

The perfect playlist

Put together your favourite mix of tracks ahead of time; skipping songs and fumbling with music is not only a vibe kill but it is also quite unsafe when driving. Download your playlist because if you are venturing into rural areas it’s likely that you will fall out of data and radio reception. We recommend having a few podcasts downloaded as well to break up the monotony.

Organise stopovers in advance

There’s definitely a lot of fun in being spontaneous with your accommodation, however we find that planning where you will stop for the night is important so that you can accurately plan your route for the day and your overall driving hours. One of the benefits of taking your hire Kombi camper with you for the adventure is that your accommodation is technically sorted. But you still need to know where you can and can’t camp overnight, which is why this organisation is critical.

Hold onto cash

If you live in a city, you’ve probably forgotten what cash even looks like! But in smaller town petrol stations, grocery stores and national parks, card payments might not always be possible. Don’t risk this by having a small amount of cash with you on hand to cover these sorts of expenses.

Learn how to change a tyre

The thought of being stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre, no reception and no roadside assistance is quite frightening. That’s why it’s important you learn how to do this prior to your road trip. We suggest practising with the Kombi you will be taking ahead of time, so that you get to know the vehicle and where the spare tyre and all equipment is kept so you’re not panicking on the side of the road.

Looking for a Kombi Camper Hire for your fun road trip?

With a fleet of Kombi campers suited for all occasions, Kombi Haus is your perfect partner for memorable adventures around the country. Each of the tours is driven by our professional chauffeurs who will ensure you get to where you want to go safely and on time!

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