Bring a little taste of home to your road trip from the comfort of your very own kombi camper! Here are some of our favourite suggestions for easy to cook and easy to prepare meals that you can enjoy on your day trip in a kombi van or on a longer adventure too!

Easy Pasta

You can never go wrong with pasta because it can go a long way with only a few ingredients. Remember to pack a portable camping stove, your favourite pasta variety, some of your favourite fresh veggies and a jarred sauce to stir through once the pasta is cooked.

Burrito bowls

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? These are easy to take on the road because most of the toppings can be canned goods. All you need to do is to cook the rice or quinoa on your portable camping stove and add some protein – you could cook any meat of your choice, incorporate plant based protein like tofu or even add a tin of tuna. Then for the fun part: your toppings! We love beans, corn, cherry tomatoes, smashed avo, cheese and of course, corn chips. Add a dollop of sour cream or yoghurt on top as well.


If the campsite you’re at has great facilities, make the most of cooking up your favourite meats and serving them alongside some nutritious salads. A BBQ is a great way to cook for larger groups of people and undeniably a crowd favourite.


Snacks are a staple of any road trip – just make sure to bring foods that store well. We love dried fruits, nuts, chips, coffee and vegetable sticks. Just make sure that they are packed in tightly-sealed containers.

Tips on food prep & storage

Preparing your meals ahead of time will save you a lot of money and will keep you and your family satisfied throughout your adventure. Preparing ahead of time will also mean you won’t need to resort to buying from petrol stations or convenience stores where foods lack nutritional value and are often quite expensive. Keep these things in mind when it comes to food preparation and storage:

Use air-tight containers for storage

Using containers helps you to preserve your food better and keeps it away from unwanted pests. They are also environmentally friendly as you reduce your single use plastic consumption. Transferring your food into containers will also save a lot of space in your Kombi camper.

Organise your food

Keep everything handy by putting all the food you prepared in one place. It’s also helpful to label everything well so that it’s easy to pull out the ingredients you need.

Keep food fresh by utilising coolers

If you have a cooler or a mini fridge in your custom kombi van, make use of it to store your food and drinks so you can enjoy them fresh and cold.

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